The KMC Challenge

The Killer Mountain Challenge is a unique mountain-bike competition that differs from most events because it’s not based on time or order of arrival, but rather challenges the riders to go as far as possible without touching the ground on the very technical track in El Yaque, Isla Margarita.

The competition draws an international crowd from all over the globe to this small fisherman’s

Above all the KMC is a friendly competition, it’s main goal is entertainment for the riders and the spectators. However this does not mean there is no serious mountain biking, make no mistake this is not a ride in the park!

The Killer Mountain Challenge utilizes the extreme desert terrain surrounding El Yaque.
In the 6 years of running this challenge, only 16 men, from countries around the world, have successfully summitted the Killer Mountain One (by year eight of the challenge the count of those successfully summitting has increased to 32 men Worldwide)

…but in competition it’s a totally different thing………there can only be ONE WINNER!

Come and represent your country!

Killer Mountain wall of fame

  1. John (SuperMan) from Norway
  2. Jose from the USA
  3. Patrick from France
  4. Christophe from France
  5. Bidu from Switzerland
  6. Diego from Argentina
  7. Jon (Nordic Invader) from Norway
  8. Jason (Big One Ball) from Canada
  9. Big Al from Canada
  10. Paul Evans from the USA
  11. Imants (Monster) from Latvia
  12. Richard (the Great) from the USA
  13. Martijn (the Flatlander) from the Netherlands
  14. Geoffrey (IronMan) from Belgium
  15. Philipp (ElectroMan) From Germany
  16. Ice Cream David from the USA
  17. Rafa from Venezuela/Italy
  18. Killian Fjellbakk (Norway)
  19. Phil Soltysiak (Canadian)
  20. Markus Kinzl (Austrian)
  21. Andres Padilla (Venezuelan)
  22. Steven Van Broeckhoven (Belgium)
  23. Simon (Venezuelan)
  24. Andres Padilla Jr. (Venezuelan)
  25. Lucien Fieblinger (East Germany)
  26. Stefan Hoffmann (Bavaria, Germany)
  27. Christian Cordova (Venezuelan)
  28. Hernan Rodriguez (Venezuelan)
  29. Leo Estredo (Venezuelan)
  30. Gregorio Lugo (Venezuelan)
  31. Daniel Loran (Venezuelan)
  32. Jonathan Loran (Venezuelan)
  33. Robert Bermudez (Venezuelan)
  34. Johan Millan (Venezuelan)
  35. Jose Louise Bermudez (Venezuelan)
  36. Tom Brendt (Germany)
  37. Rony Gonzalez (Venezuelan)
  38. Miguel Ruiz (Venezuelan)
  39. Otto(matic) Insam (Austrian)

Killer Mountain Challenge Rules

  1. The winner is the rider who will have travelled the furthest distance along the Six Summits without touching the ground. The first part of your body that touches the ground is your marker.
  2. Three attempts per rider. All riders have to finish their first try before starting the second try. Please maintain your original sequence. If you miss your turn for whatever reason you lose that attempt.
  3. There are two stages:stage 1: KM 1

    stage 2: KM 2 to 6

    All riders will first attempt summiting killer 1 using as many of their 3 tries as needed. Riders that summit killer 1 successfully qualify for stage 2.

  4. Once a rider puts a foot down the distance advanced is recorded by placing a markers with his name in the ground, next to the track in a way that it doesn’t bother other riders.
  5. No click pedals or clips are allowed. Feet must be free and loose on the pedals. No clip less technology allowed either.
  6. Any type of mountain bike is allowed (non- motorized).
  7. Riders must stay on the track as marked/ described at the beginning of the competition.
  8. Riders must not interfere with other riders and must get off the track immediately upon putting their foot down to allow for the next rider.
  9. All decisions of the judges are final and winner is announced immediately at the end of the competition.
  10. Riders must be respectful of the judges or they can be disqualified.