NewsNov 13, 5 years ago

Curious about the reigning KM Champion’s training schedule?

As the reigning KM Champion there has been a lot of speculation about Jason (Big One Ball) Baker’s training schedule. Will he be in El Yaque long enough to train? Is he up to the challenge of defending his title? Well maybe he won’t be in…

KMC 2013Apr 27, 5 years ago

Tom’s view of KMC 2013

NewsApr 26, 5 years ago

More Killer Mountain Champs – David & Rafa Killer Mountain Champs – David & Rafa

Usually our tourist season starts winding down in the spring in El Yaque and we have less mountain bike riders coming here to challenge Killer Mountain……….. Not this year!! We have two new Killer Mountain champs…………

NewsApr 23, 5 years ago

The Germans Invade Killer Mountain El Yaque again! Germans Invade Killer Mountain El Yaque again!

Everyone knows that for some reason the Germans have never been able to ride up Killer Mountain El Yaque. Over the last 7 years so many have tried. In fact the Germans represent by far the largest group to try the mountain. This will come as a shock …

KMC 2013Apr 1, 6 years ago

KMC 2-6 GoPro Video

Jason riding Killer Mountains 2-6 with a GoPro Camera….

KMC 2013Mar 28, 6 years ago

KMC 2013 – The Full Report

KMC 2013 – The Full Report

On the Women’s side, Anne, our champ from 2010 showed that she has not lost her touch and powered up KM1 to a spot that no other girl could reach. Christy and Adriana both came close and proved to be strong contenders……………

KMC 2013Mar 27, 6 years ago

Crash on Killer Mountain 5

In response to popular request here’s a clip of my crash while following the guys training for KMC 2013… and yes it did hurt….

KMC 2013Mar 24, 6 years ago

KMC 2013 Stage 2 – Version 2

New version of stage 2 video of the KMC 2013…

KMC 2013Mar 23, 6 years ago

Alain’s view of KMC 2013’s view of KMC 2013

Here are a few of the spectacular fotos taken by Alain Galarneau of El Yaque Fotos at KMC 2013. If you’d like some great action fotos, Kiting, Windsurfing, Biking… you may want to ask Alain….

KMC 2013Mar 21, 6 years ago

2013 Stage two video

Check out the battle for the first three places on Killer Mountain 2 to 6!…