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KMC 2015 El Yaque………Girl on Girl World Record

http://www.killermountainchallenge.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/DSC_1454-150x150.jpgKMC 2015 El Yaque………Girl on Girl World Record

KMC2015 El Yaque friends, riders and supporters:

A new Women’s World Record has been set on Killer Mountain!!! First Nora from Canada broke the old record and then Maria from Germany tied it. Now the new record is just below FR………..what is FR?……..everyone who knows Killer Mountain knows that FR is Fucking Rock and FR is a real bastard. Nora and Maria now hold the record together…………see photos and a video http://youtu.be/i6rHyEp8tYs of Nora climbing the lower section of KM1. What are these girls eating? All of the girls who have tried this challenge over the last 8 years haven’t come even close to this mark. Great job!!
KMC 2015 El Yaque is only 16 days away!!! The training is getting more and more intense. The riders are measuring their percentages of success on each of the 6 mountains……………on competition day you only get 3 tries per mountain. This KM1 is a lot tougher than last year and only a few riders are above 90%.
Tom (Germany) 90%
Phil (Canada) 90%
Jonathan 90%
Gregorio 90%
Johan 90%
Robert 90%
All of these guys are consistent and super strong on KM1,2,3 and 4. KM5 and 6 are still a low percentage.
A lot of guys are still training with click shoes so it might not be so easy when they start training without them.
Leo, Stefan, Otto, Al, Andres and Andres2 are getting stronger but their consistency is well below 50%……..go guys go!

We expect the largest turnout ever…………..riders from Canada, Germany, Austria, USA, France and Venezuela have already confirmed.
Confirmed Big Dogs:
Jason Big One Ball Baker; Canada; previous KMC Champ
Andres; Venezuela; last year’s number 2
Lucien; Germany; last year’s KMC Champ

Are you brave enough? Are you strong enough? Can you represent your country?
The Date: March 10, 2015
The Place: El Yaque, Killer Mountain…….the 6 summits
The Equipment: Mountain Bike (no click pedals)
We challenge all of our old friends and competitors……………..come out and compete!
See you soon,
KMC Organizing Committee
Facebook Killer Mountain Challenge
Come and represent your country!

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Lead Sponsor:
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